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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 22, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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giving awwy free fans today. stayiig cool all at the saae 3 ppctuues oo how your neighbors pre beating the heat. 3 33 33yyutube video nats &pnatsand.. these kids.. are ggtting hhghh. nnsommthing what it is.. aad when ittcoold bb illegal innmaryylnd. 3 3 3 friddy, july 22nd 3 we have a school closing to pass allng tooyou duee o the heat.all code ree summer -3 ppograms in baltimore ity wiillbe closed today.all ccde & scheduled tties..- 3
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33 3 3 3 3& - 3 3 map ftt 3 mchenry map
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3 -33 3 3 it'll keep you cool... and 3 where one contracting comppny & issgivinggout free fans tths morninn.. and they're getting a big response. goodd morniig joel d.. good morning wee tarttthe dayy
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dehydrrted." eexerrs reeommend eiiht to tweeve & unces of water, just to start the day. before you even peave the house.. 3we need to be eating light meals, eatinggoften, and we need oobe replaaing a lot of the waterrthat we loseewhen that waterr diititians &precommend stockiig up on fruiis ann veggies, which re almost all watte, and quitt 3p great substituue. somm off the nutriints that you get in & get in vegetables. for - greens are a gooo sourre of caaciuu.. and mmsttpeople know to stay hydrated,,but cheekkthe labell on flavored waters nd other drinks. 3 -3&p3 aalot of waters areekind oo "fancified" and hey've ggt -3 artificial colors aad ffavors, &some can haae ore than a day's worth offsugar inn ustt one bottle. bottle. 3 n fact, on aveeaae, & lives each year than ffoods, hurricanes comminee. nn he disastrrus heat wwve of 19800 -3 more thaa ,2500ppoppe died. in the heat wave of 1995 mmre thaa 700 deeths in the hicago area. in augustt2003, aa record heat wavvein europp claimed an essimated 0,000 & llves. 3 - 3 frank aena wiih avena 3&pboo contracting iving away &p200 box ans and free aaer water live in ssuuh baltimore, jool d. ssith, fox 45 mooninn news
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3 33 3 morning news this bathing beauty knows ow to kkee cool!laura from essex - sent in thii picture of thii -3 pdorable little girl... who obvioussy got a ittle sseeey payinn out in the sun. hhw are ou beating the hhat? see it shoot ii send it.send foxbalttmore dot om. p3& poliie arreet a man... accuued - of ambushingga ballimore pollce happened tuesday in southwest baltimorr. baltimore.police arrested 20-
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yeaa old cce jordan... after reccevingga ttp from &pneighbor..tey say jordan fiied an assault rifle like the one -3& seen here... at an officcrr & por a domestic disppte long &pcooks lane.theebullet 3& handle of tte officer's gun... stomach.pollceecommissiinee fred bealefeld says it'ssa miracle the officer is -3 aaive... and thanks heecommunity for steppiigguup.. o help find the sussect. &p3 "we certainly appreciate tth 3 in the community reeognize - thhir rooe in helping o kep fflks to step up so quickly, and my ttam of detectives to credit to how this pprtnerssip should work." work." the commissioner 3& saas therees evidenceejorddn had some sort of grudgg 3&ppresident obama ii taking hiss &pcase to the public tooay... aa thh clock ticks down to an
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&pauguuttsscond debb talk 3 particippte inna town hall meeting at the universsty of marylann... oolege park aa 11 &po'clockkthis morning..i's the president's firrt public appeeranceethissmonth .. -3&&pbecause hees beee ccupied witt neaar daily debt -3 neggtiationn with -3 pongressional leaders.the presideet has ntil auguut secood to aise thee government's boorowing llmitt 3 we thhuuht we'd be waking up - to the nddoofthe n-f-ll lookout.instead... we''e ssillinggwwitinggbbt... there mmganngilliland is live right now from m & t bank staaium 3 pade ass night. night.good morning patricewe alll ant one thing... ww just want football.the ravens want tt be out heee taaing oo the steelerr for that first regular season gamm.... he owners ant thhir teams to be &playing... and forrthh first 3& sttrree... the ball appearrs o of lass night... the owners voted unanimouslyyin -3 favoo of the new, 100year agreement.commissioner roger ggodellldeelared thatt facillties will oppn on &satuuray, with training camp to follow next week..ut... the &pplayers claim he oonnrr but... he playerrsfollow nextt week.traininn camp to on ssttudayy with 3 training camp to
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ffllow next 3& fewwextras thattthey haven't seen before..hey hhld a masssie conffrencc call last didn't takeea vote... at leest -3 not ee.right before that call was made... ravens player &pthoughts on this ongoing... seemingly never endingg 3 3 3 3 iffand when the players vote, phe unionnwould have o recertify, buu no one seems o know how long this could takke
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has be cancelled.the hll of - fame ggme, scheduled ffr august 7th, will not be playedd &plive from m & ttbank stadium, 3 nnws. & 3 pees. 3 coming up in our hommtown hotspot... 3&ptake a walk on the wild side. we take you live to the &pparyland zooo n baltimore... for a lookkat ssme big cats... & and ow they're being hhnored. 3 youure watching 3 fox 45 morrnng ews.. alll local.. all morring. 3& ((bump out)) 3 ((break 11) 3
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3 - roar, meow, and grrww - the zooos big cats are on the proww! bbi caat are on hh proww - the zoo's big cats are onnthe prowl! - big cat awarrness day- maryland zzo in 3 us live- what is big cat 3 enriihment?- whht ccn people 33 expect to see?- what can peoppe enrichment?? what is bbg cat enrichmenn?- what can people xpect to see?- whaa
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-3 big cats does the zoo have?- 3 awareness day? day??- 33 "big cat aaaaeness 3 day" is at the marylaad zoo pomorrow from 11 to 1.for moree information go to foxballimore pdt com slasshmorning.
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3 3 33 p,3 3map ft
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3 mchenry map wilkkns map fiber -3 mmpp- ccming p... a ban on the country's newest prug fad... ""ath salts."whiih 3 what serious hhaath isks aar 3& 3 but next... a push to make - concert ticketssápaperlesssá what yu woold have toouse insteed... to cheek in at the box're watching fox
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45 morning nnws.. all locall. -&pall morning. 3&((breakk2))
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3 nee this morning... house fire has shut down iltoo &pstreett eeween freeerick avenuu and weet baltimore street.expect the road to be cllsed or anotthe hourror so. -3 no one was innured in the fire hhmes were affecteddand those residents are ddsplaced. 3 a caalfooria woman accused of cctting off herr usband's penis and throwing it into a ggrbaggedisposaa is eepected - in court ttoay.44-yyar-old catherine becker is schedulld to be arraigned on torture and & aggravated mayhem charges. police say becker drugged her - husbbnd... tiie hhm to their bed nd cut off hhs penns as he awoke frrm hii nap. 3 the officiaa reeeal of "don't -& pak , don't tell" is expected pentagon.theepoliiy stops &popenly gaa en and wooen from
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dayssuntil the first openly gay recruits are accepted. 3 govvrnor o'mallee continuess marriage in aryland.ttday plans for a amm-sex mmariagg bill.the gooernor says hee plans to support leeiilaaion & for it ... in the nnxt general assembly session nnjanuary. senate this yyar... but & sttlled in the house of pelegates. 3&pthe ddys of paper coocert ticckts may sson bb --3& numbeeed... if ticcetmasser gett itssway.insteaddof shhwing your ticket aa the box 3 show our credit card.the move 3 scalperr from buying hhndreds offtickets... ikinn up the prrce... hen re-selling them. -3 3 coming up... get ready oo another scorcher out here todaa!how one comppny is easier. 3but nxtt.. lawmakers havee just two weeks... to reech an - aggeement on raising the debb ceiling. the issues & till on the tabbe... and wwatt -& has o happen ffrsttyou'ree watching fox 45 morning neww.. &&pall local.. all mmrning.
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3 (((pat)))))) - we are in a debttdilema that po onee eems to have a clearr cut answer on how toosolve. talks have been ongoongg & ... but congress aad presideet obamaaarr stilllat oddd... and the deadliie for - raising thh debt ciling ann paying the nation's bills ii looming. so
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& ouu d-c insider and polltical phis week'sswassington wrrp. taale ... the cut, caa aad balance plan
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3 -the gang of six plann... coming bit too latt nd as to muchh oing on with t to get done quickly-whatthhs to haapen now .. and who's gonnn blink firrt 3 cooing up...
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33 coming upp...u--'s viist to paltimore... is elping to - that ii. -3&p3 ((meggn llvvetease))yyuure watching fox 45 morning news..
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& all local.. aal mooning. &p3& ((break 4)))-
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pyur mmodd. on fox 45 news t -33&pp:300 3 & pdowwtown baltimore p3 3 we havv a schooll losing too pass along to you ue to thh & hhat.all code red ssmmee
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will be closed today.all code green summerrprograms will open at thh regularly scheduled times. 3 3 -3&p3 3 map
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3 fiber maa 3- 3 there'ssalmoot no way to beat tteeheat ... - but ooe conttacting & folks deal with it better.. -3 oee d. smith is live free fans and water are oonn to mmke people millettrough the sweat. good -3 morniig jjel d..
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3 good mooring patricc, (ad 3 pehydraaed." experts ounccs oofwaterr just to leave thh house. 33 3& to eplaae that ater, dietttians recommend stocking which areealmosttall water, -3 pnd quiie nutritious. somee&pof the nutrients that you ggt 3 actually get in veegeables. - for exampll, some of our leafy - greens are a good source of calciuu. fill your cart withh aaternative sources f fat & iistead oo ppocessed or, - heat areegoing to e ffom - seeds and uts and avocadoo.. pnd most peoppe knw to ssay hydraaed, but check thee abees on flavooed waters and other -3&pdrinks. beesure to check the caffeene content of too ucc of that today. eatinn ssimportann today... - all day. pe neee to be eatiig light mmals, eating often, anddwe nned to be replacing a lot of tte waterrthat we loseewhen replacing a lot of the nd we need to be light meals, eating 3 all day. 3 we neee to be eating light - meals, eaaing often, and we - when we're sweating. excessive heat claims mmre &ppives eah year than ffoodd, lightning, tornadoes and & hurricanesscombinnd. in the ppople ied. n the heat wave 3 arra. in auggst 2003, a & cllimed ann stimated 50,000 -3&plives. &33 3 ffann avena with avena box fans ann fee waterr--3& water 3 pive in south baatimore, joel d. liveein south
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3& baltimore, joel d. smith, fox 45 morninn news 3- 3&pthis is hhw they beattthe heat in savage!thanks ebbny or sendiig this ictureeof iis playing in a sprinkkerrin the yaad. how are you bbating the heet? see ii shhoo it send it.ssnd & your photos to piccsatt foxbbltimore ot com. 3 justtimagine being inside a 3&&pthis... with no air conditioning.á conditioning.áfoo resiients inside the wyman houss... many - withhmental and phhsical whha tteeyare deallng with. 3 since auguut of last year.but on days as ht as today and -yesterday...
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it'' almost pnbeerableeanddbecause work is being done on the ootside of &pthe builling... many doors seaald shut. & 3 "i say abbuu..........its just - reallbad (21 ec) the building is beenn run by the city's hoosing authhritt. pccordiiggto sppkesperron... afttrnoon... and crews spentt thh rest of the day working oo the coolinggsyytem. 3&pamiiyy.. frrends... and -& teemmates are mourring the & pasketball star... who was shot and killed in south harvell would have been a ssnioo nexx year at ben ones sayyhe leet hii apartment - near the "brooklyn homes" & pousing developmenn 3& new learner's ermit.hhurs
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later... he waa shot in the &pherndon court.he ater died. (smith/resident) "all i seen was an ambulance, policc, they tookkhim out on the & stretthhr...that's it. i feel -3 ssrry for the familyy.. family.."police have questioned two people in hee 3 arrests have been made yet. & 33 n-f-- owners give ans a porningg.. by voting to -3 approvv an agreement that -3 would eed the loocout.but it'' &pnottover justtyet...megann gglliland ii live from & t bank stadium whereethe players pno have to agree to thisstoo. tto.good morniig 3 patriceeweere all hooding ouu breath right now...we ant to lockouu started... tte ball appears to be moving.3 owners vooed unanimoussy in favor oo the new, 0 year collective bargaining agreement.commissioner roger goodell 33 declared that facilities will -3 open on saturday, with praining camp to follow next
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& week.but... the layeess... &pclaim the wners have slipped pn a ewwextras thht they haven'ttseen before.they held -& a massive conferrnce call lass - night... however... they &ppidn't take avote... at least -3 not yet.that means... nothhng has been resolvee... goodell though... feels hissside eld up it's enndoo the eal 33 3 3 p3- 33 ii and when thh players otee the unioon ould have to recertify, but no one eems to - knno how long this could takk. 3 pfr now, one game as een -cancelled.the hall of fame from m & t bank ssaddum, megaa gilliland, fox45 mmrning news.
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3 it'' fridaa and thattmeann it's your turn toosound oof n 3 anything yyu wantt want.let ussknow what's on -3 your mind-- and youu response feedbbck" seement. segmmnt.just go to facebook -3 dottcom sllah foobalttmore to beccme a fan and jjin the -3conversationn 33 poming up... &&pdoes weetering heat... make &pyoo rankyyyou're noo alonee the medical eason... ffr youu 3 ouure watching
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3 p(ad ib eteorologist)) &p
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3 3& map fiber map
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3liierty map wwlekns &p3 3 3 3 &p
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,3 coming up... 3 p ban on the ccuutry'' newest pduggfad... "bath altss"whichh & roops areeusing thhm... nd 3& and u-2's vvsit tto altiiore is helling to break aarrcood. pe'll tell you whaa that is... -'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. ll local.. all -3& morning.
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pew this morning... n-f--l owners take what could be... a pajor tep towarddendiig the pockkot.yyu're taaiigga liie &plook... outsidd m ttbank stadium..ut before fans reliih in a victorr... the ppayerss and pprove the proposal. 3 returr to team practtce fields - starting tommrrow.and on would begin.
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tickets... espite rissng 20-10... ticket alls were up mmre han fivvepercent during - phe firsttsix months offthis year.the biggest money-&pmaker?... uu2's 360 toor... -whhch stoppeddright here in &ppaatimore.the uueeof sociil mmdia and discoout ouutlts are also drivvnn saless -&p3 maryland is poining a growiig list of statts thaa is banniig a pynthetii drug known as "bath itts hee ountry's newest drug 3 bbing comparrd to cocaine... chemmsts areemakinggthe drugs &drugs on the streett ii's legal ... t'ss having deaddy eeuuts. & 3 miie gimbel with 3& joins us this mornnng with more on the drug.-whaa is it
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3 -why oobad--ill ban be efffctive-chemist changee
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3&ingredient and move on-3 3& cominn p... what's ii likk &&ppilming with justin timberlake? ttibeerlke?mila kunis: "...ii -3 wasn't that aakward. ut if pe had to be serious ike bow-chiia-bow-wow, tten it'd -3 bb different..." the new movie... "friendd wwtt benefits."you're watchinn ox & 45 mooning news.. all local... all morning. 3((breaa 7)) -3 33 ((bbmp in)) -3
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3 the 44h of july is over, ut -
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you ccn ssill cellbrate with caadace dold is here with the llwdownn -33 3 he's known aa he first is the álaatá ne toohit the - big screen bbfore tte huge pavengers" film nexttyear. but beforr the captain teams up -3 storyy it hits theaters todaa. -3 tooay. p3 (((pkg)))and hat will ake us back to tte earry aysswhen & steee rogerssvolunteers to taae parttin the super soldier program. it's a well-known course of events - a fact that chris evans took to heaat. chhis evann: (looong bite) :40-:58 "this isn't a new a loo of people have nnideaa &preally care bout what you're ggnna do with t.58--:02that's -3 the tricky thing ---how many other peoplees opiiions toodo to, when do you haveett o
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aaerica: the first aaenger is - rated pp-11.(nats freinds wih benefiis)justinntimberrake and mila unis try their hand att -& proving all rommntic comedies wrong in thh -3&& comedy, "friends with benefits".. the twoocasually add the act of friendship.... ... naturally, -3 pith aa eww consequencessddwn -3 the road..he two found themselves ilming some real risqueescenes, making ffw days on set a little awkwardd.. mila kunis: 2:35"but these wereefunny, ss ii wasn't thht pwkward. but if we had oobe serious like bow- ccica-bow-www, then ii'd be piiferent..."(timberllke llghh-heartee -- "friends with p.benefits" is ated r. both films will still have a
6:57 am
3 fiims will 3& still haveea lot of commetition from the countrr's harry potter movieehas grossed release ast week. i'm candace - dold and ttat's your lowdown. coming up in ur 7 o'clook hour... 3 doos swelltring hhat... ake pou cranny?if so... you're not for your irrittble mood. p,33 ((joee live teasee)you're watching fox 45 morning news... 3
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pyurmodd. on fox 45 news t -33&pp:300 freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. 3&p3 pi'' just 7 a-m.. but it's plreaay 88 ddgrees!!itts noo surprrse.. becauss todaa is poing to be the hottest day of today will feel. she's cute.. ssylish.. and & stayinggcool all aatthe same time.we''e got more aaorable pictures of hhw yyur neighbors are beating the heat. 3- 3 pid you heear te good
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3 news - i'm innocent! tasttless?the casey aathony publicitt tunt thattgot shut - 3 3today is friday, july 222d. 3 we have a school losing to 3 heat..ll codd red summer programm in baltimore ccty will e cclseedtoday.all ccde green summer prrgraas wwlll open at the reeularly schedulee imes..- 33&&p
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&p33 3 200 frre fans... or bbltimore pesideets... arr gone!a - contrrctor waa handiig them & mornnng... ann they didn't &plast willlhe ever do good morninggjool d.. -3
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3 - 3&pphis bathing beauty knoww how tt keep cool!laura rom ssee 3&pobviously got a littleesleepy laayng out in the sun. 3how are you beatinn the heat? pee it shhot it send it.send & your photos to pics at &pfoxbaltimorredot com. p33 take a lookkas the heat bakes washiigton d.c. ssmeeeven tried tooprooit off the weather... by selling bottled fans to stay coollin the tripleediggt temperatures... and of course... the old standbyy.. the pooo. -&p3& p ann in minneapolis... a ttey have air conditiining. theii marruee readd " e have a-c... who ccree what's 3 becauue f this heatwwve... - ptiliiy compaaies ácannotá
7:08 am
shut off your utilities... f -you're bbhind on payments.the pommissiinn ays... ii temperrtures ree95 degrres or - above ddrrng the next 72 & hours... a customer's &uuilitiis won't be teemiiated. however.. theyycan bb ttrned off.. if the serviceeis sttlln. 3 of aabushing a baltimore pooiie appeneed tuesday in outtwest baalimore. baltimore.police arrrstedd20----3 year old che jordan... after receiving a tip rom a neighbor.they say jordan ffred &pan ssaulttriffe iie te one peen hhre... at an officer 3 ffr a domessic disppte aongg shatteredd.. hee it hit the handle of he offfcer's gun... &jjst ggazinn the ooficcrs sttmach..oliieecommissiinnr pred beelefeld ssys it's a miracle theeofficer is &ppalve... and thanks thh community for & stepping up... to helppffnd 3 3"we certainll appreeiateethe &pin he ccmmunity recoggize &ppteir role in helping to keep &pus safe too.""bbtt tt-"for
7:09 am
folks o stee up ss quickly 3 act so swiftly, reaaly is & redii to hoo this partneeship - phere's evidence jordannhad some sort offgrudgeeagainst the policc department. p3 the passaag of maryland's drrem aat will soon e up tt & you.the tatt board off -3 electioos s scheduled tto than 100- thousand people hoo signed a petiiion against the measure today.the move alloww &ppte meaaureeto beeput on next yeaa's ballot.thh dream act wouud allow innstate ttitioo for certain illegga immigraats. 3& we thought weed be waking up to the eed of the n-f-l lockout.insttad... we'rr sttlling waiting..uu....there -is at leass sooe movement. megan gilliland s live right -3now from m & t bank staaium made last nightt3 all wann one hing... we just waat football..he rrvvnn wann
7:10 am
-3 po bb ut here takiig onnthe -3 regular season game... he pwnerr want theer teams toobe plaaing....aad for tte first time since thissloccout started... the ball appears to be moving. of llst ight... the owners voted unanimously in faaor f the new, 10 yeer & ollective baagaining aggeeeent.commissioner roggr goodell declared that -3 to follow neet week.but... he -33 playyrs claimmthe owners ave slipppe in a fewwextras that they haaen't ssen beefre.they -3held a masssiv ccnference call last night... howwvvr... they diid't take a vote... at least 3 was made... ravens player -3 derrick mason shareddhis & thoughts on this ongoingg.. seemingly never endinn sstuatioo.listen in... 3 3
7:11 am
if and whhn thh players vote, - phe union would have to & recerrify, bbt no one seems to knoo how long his could takk. cancelled.the hall of fame -3 game, scceddled for august 7th, will not be playee.livee from m &&ttbankkstaaium, megan gillilann,,foxx5 morning neww. 3 poming uup.. &&pbird is tte word at the & maryland zooo.. the speccal ddy theyy'e ceeebratiig...
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hotspoo. youure &pwatchhng fox 45
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♪♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. 3 leopardd.. ohhmy!--big ct awareness day- maryylnd zoo in - baltimorr- amy eveleth joins us live- whaa is ig cat ennichment?- whht cannpeoplee - exppct o see?- what biggcats & doeesthe zoo hhve?- hh o we - needdbig cat awareness day? & ddy? -3 p3&p"bbigcat awarrness
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3 pay" is at theemaryland zoo
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3 3 map fiber ap 1955
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map 50 aa 97 3 still aheadd. &&p3& three people are outt o a jjb in assachussets... after & deaa woman's body stayed n a while on hhir wwtcc.why ssouldn't have been opennto with. you're watccing pox 45 ornnng neww.. all locca.. all morning. -& 33&((beak 2))),
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3 3&pnnw thissmmrring....a house
7:23 am
street beeween frederick - avenue and wwst baltimore one wws injured in the fire and it issout now... but two omes were affecteed displaced. &p3 presiddnt obama s taking his 3 clook ticks down too n augustt second ebt talk deadliie.the & presidenttwill paaticipatt n a town hall mmettng at thee &pcollege park at 11 ''llck &pttis's the appearance this month . -because he's been occupied - negotiations wwth congressional lladers.the &ppresiddntthas uutil ugust 3 or default on u-s obligaaions. -3&p33 thhee massachuuetts pool worrers are outtof a job..he forced resignaaions come aaterr thh drooning eathhof a say her bodd sat t the bottom - of a publii pool... undetected... for four ays beforr fllattng ttotte top. they sayy... ppol waaer was ss
7:24 am
&pbeennopeneddthe ay the womanns body was found. 3 heet across mmst of the countryy.. assmore than 30 statee remmin under heat adviiories. almost wo dooen ddaths nationwiie aae blamed &pon he bbisterrng temperatures and forecasters predict the phat wave ould continue into thh wwekend. -3&p3 3 carl azuz joins usslive from washington at the nattinnl mall withhmorr on the sweltering heet.carl? &p3 1) are pople
7:25 am
33payiig attentioo to heat warnings. 3 up next.. it's now up to he players to ratiff thh n-f-lls olleccive
7:26 am
bargaining aareeeent. bruce cunningham has the deeaals ... &p you're watching fox - 45 morning nees.. all loccl.. aal morning. 3 p(breakk3)) 3 (((ump inn)
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coming up.. & 3 the infamoussballoon in the
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"bblloon boy hoax" is - displayed forrall to see in coloraao.finn ut whhttthe owner plans to do ... to ii. -3 you're wwtching fox 45 -3 morning newss. all local.. all 3 ( pyur mmodd. on fox 45 news t -33&pp:300
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,3 3 wwehave school clossng to heat.alllccdeered ssmmer 33 will be closeddtoday.all codee greennsummmr programs will oppn at thh reguuarly scheduled times. & 3-
7:34 am
3 3 3
7:35 am
&p3 33 3 there'' lloot no way to beaa the eat ... but ooe contractiin company hhnded out a little 3 free fann.but theeywent fast! jool d smithhis livv in
7:36 am
pouth baltimore where they got &a big responsee good morning joel d.
7:37 am
pust imaaine being inssde a hhgh rise... on a day llke thiss.. wiih nooair conditioning.áfor resiieets inside the wyman housse.. many & with enttl and physical
7:38 am
& disabilities... ttat's exactty & mann say it's been a prrblem since ugust of llat year.buu on days aa hot as today and unbearable.ann beccuse work is -3& beinggdone on the outssde of - leading o balcony's hhveebeen &&psealed ssut. saving energy on days as hht ps oday... can be tough.but 3 jjst that... whiil aass saving a little bit of cash. pash.the flying dogg in -3 frederick... is takinn part in a prrgram... with the rrgional powerrgrid.on peak days... he psee y 20 too40-percenn. 3 (matovich) "ffr instaace, here -3today we're not going to use -3 that, thht's goong to ave some electriciiy for oher & people to usee all through thee liie hhs here we can cut back if we know n advance." addance.""he ownerr gettaa pdolars from the grid... for takkng part in theeprogram. & 3 if you'rr losing youu tempeer
7:39 am
more often innttis heat... kids might enjjy playing n -3 thhse blistering ttmperatures... it ddesn't do psyccollgists say people do get a bit moreeirrrtableewhenn the tempeeature ises. researchhshoos extrrme heaa lowers thh serotonin levels inn --3 the bbaan. & 3& if you thought you've een it -3 all... when it comes too keeping cool in the sweeteriig -aggin.fflks in okllhoma have - found a creetive waa to beat the hhat... by ppetending -3 it's christmassááhhy'veeeven put onntheeclassic christmas -& muuical "white christmas"".. 3 inteeesting dea! & 3& family... fieeds... and loss of a high school & shot anddkillee in souuh & harvell oold have been a senior neet yeearat ben franklin hiih sccool.loved ones say he llft his apprtment near the "brookllnnhomess housing developmmet wednesday... to how off his - new leerner's permit.hourr
7:40 am
ccest inside aa apartment on 3& (smith/reeident) "all i -& they took hii out on the - sorry for the ffmily... family.."policeehave queesioned two peeppeein thh - shooting but no & 3 a hhid trial ii in the orkk for two meenaccused offkklling three of their yunn pelatives in 20044baltimore prosscutors say thee will pursse anothhr trial for canela.attorneys for the men 3 claim courtroom isttkes didn't give them a fair trail...anddthatttheirr out because jury notes givvn - toothe judde weee never passed to thh defense.both en are alreedy servvng life seetenccs in the killing of three childree... who were oundd with theei throats slashed.the mennwerr connicted in 2006 att their second trial... tte theessnthettc drugs... knoon as ath salts... iil be & illeggl in maryland starting in eptember.
7:41 am
hadd heeone death in md, and itt' one too many so ww reaaly wanned to take a ard ooo at phess and see hht nneded o be ddoe" done" the maryland health -&pdepartment says bathhssltt have poisioned 23 peopleein maryland. the ssnthetic drugs act juss liie the narcottcc they repplce ... likeecocaine ... but aae much &pmore dangerous. law -3 pnforrement can't fight them bbcause they aree egall and lawmakers cannt ban thee faatt - plterrthe coopound slightly to - make it a newwdrugg & 3 hh "balloon boy" sauccr is now on isplay in coloraao. the saucer as sold in an 3 ii for the public to see at a -3 sports ccrrs stooe.policc say baak in 2209... riccarddheene 3 balllon adventure for aa & pitchinn.the new owner sayyshe -will evennuully cut up the balloon anddsell the pieces to benefii chhritt. still to come... - 3 triple digits are in the forecass todayyfind out ii weekend... nexttin your skywatch weather foreccst.
7:42 am
ffrecast. you're ,3
7:43 am
dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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((ad lib meteorologistt))- -33 3 map liberty map fiber
7:47 am
7:48 am
3 map 95 3 p33 p it's ouu mobideal -3& of te week! every week.. we'll bring you a deell frommmobideals... whhch your cell phone! phone! this peek's deal cooes ffom "totally cleen."get hhlf off yyur fiist hhusee leaning. justtgo o my--obideals-ddt-com to get smartphone. &pmobideals is a product of ouu - parent compann.. sinclair 3 stiil ahead... &'s ttme... to let it pall ouu.ttll us what you're thinning aboot... and yur &prespooseemight airrin our faceebok feeebackksegment. & youure watching
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7:50 am
3 animation))
7:51 am
3 it's fridaa... and that means it's time for fox45 viewers tt sound oof about anything you want. 3 we'veebeen skinggyou all on your mind for our áfacebook -3&pfeedbacká segment...and we're pow up to 47-thousand fans... off!jasmine- "i cant 3 wait 'till foooball season with the raaens." nate - "i need one o ttose &pffns and ssme water. me and my dog feel like we're bakinn in here." -33 here."tieera - it is o hot 3 oottide!! i'm glld i'm in thee! everyone. enjoy yoorr friday. nd stay cool." there b a huge aar ccnditioner soopeople cannkeep cool?? cool??suumer- "today iiam -3&pgoing o the baseball gaae
7:52 am
pe ss hht outside iihope the o's win tonight!" cominn up 3 outcome offcasey anthony's murder trial.wwat some are doing.. iistead... to get - eeen... nextyou're watchhng 3& local.. all orningg. ((break 7)) 3& ((bumm in))
7:53 am
7:54 am
3 &plots of people wish they'd -3 found cassy annhony not guilty. &pas jeannn moos ssows us.... a dunk tank innlexington, -3pentucky gave them theennxx -3 beet thing thing 3 --reportee pkg-as folloos -- sttp right up, folkk and dunk - casey anttony -nat acttally, booth hhs alreadd eee shut down. but don'ttblaam it on the caaey anthony lookalike. &pi'mminnocent!sheeknew how to - taunt hee tormeenors.there
7:55 am
were oogher girls in prison than yyu!oh yea?naathe lions cluu in leeinggon kenttcky &ppeciied to giie thh casey annhhnn dunking booth try &pfor their bluegraas fairri think it's going a littleebit too faa because she's already suufered.and god is the onee who's gonna give her thh &ppunishmentti thinkkit's funny -3 and attracts a lot oo people. -3 i'm not oofended at all.but pithin aaddy, the ions club - decided to ditcc theeddnking booth.sayinn it was distractiig from theirrmissiin -po mmking money for charitt. moos sttndup whether you dunkinggbooth isn'' hh only & casee anthony's expense.a deli in seattte has attraatedd aatenttio witt this sign. "casee nthooy sez ccty market deli deals are so good, i feell liie i'm getting way wiih murder."peeple love it, they take icturessof it and thee &plaugg at it.deli manager cain
7:56 am
coopileddthem on siits like & flickr. froo charlie sheen to pmrdoch.only thing he wants to & it..orrhead says hh nly &pcomplaints of bad taase he'' --3&pgotten about hhs casey anthony touuists.yoo donnt feelltacky about it?no. walk the line & standuupbut where in the worll is the real casey anthony? wee were rumors she was hiding on 3 vessel..atsshe's not on my - boat, sse's not on y iilaadd 3wifeecame home telllng him ppans for their dduuhter'' jeopardy.3 of the moms at camp saad thy''e goinn to have -3 difficulty commng over if she's heree.i ssid, honee are -3 pou buying into this -3&pridiculous rummo? it's prrposterous.prrposterous but
7:57 am
rrdicuuous rumor of casey -3 anthhny resurfacing..eannee- mmos cnn --hat's the best you can ddo youushould have been a fforida prosecutor!new orkka pa-----end-----cnn.script hour... get those hnds and &pdreams ready! double dream hands fame ill be live in our tudio... to... you guessed it.. pprform thhe household name!you won't want to miss ii! you're watching fox 45 morniig news.. all - pooal.. alllmorning.
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7:59 am
the altar of zeus. a place of pagans sacrifice in ancient times... centuries later it would become the inspiration for an unforgettable evil... what part does this stone altar play in the last days? on the "700 club," frida3 it's just 8 a-m.. but it's plready 99 eggees!!!t's noo
8:00 am
surprise.. becauue todayyis -3 goinn to eethe hottest day of 3 poday wwll feee. 3 he's conserving enerry.. to stay cool.we've got ore adorable picturee of how your neeihboos .. and their pees .. pre eatiig thh heat. - 3 &p 3 pream hands nats & natsand.. e's a youtube seesation and he's joiinng us live in studio.theeman behiidd & "double ream hands" get us uu and danning....llter thhs hhur. -3&p3- 3 3 fridayy july 22nd
8:01 am
-&pp3 we have a sshool clossng to &ppass along to you due to the hhat.alllcode red summer programs in baltimorr ity -will be cllsed today..lllcode open at the regullrlyy scheduled ttmes. 3 & p3
8:02 am
8:03 am
3 3 -3 3 3& we know it's dangerously hot a great idda ... buttdid you knoo there are some áfoodss that can make 3 well? jee d. ssith is make a ddfference beffre you
8:04 am
evee leave he house today. &&p good morning joel d. 3& good mmrning patrice, (ad lib) 33 p
8:05 am
3 3& 3 trying tt stay cool?this is how eorge theedogg oes it. he's just laying round.. and 3 thhnks
8:06 am
miccaellfor senndng how arreyyu beating the heat? foxbaltimore dot ccm. the synthetic ddrus... known as bath salts... will be illegal n aryland tarttng had the one deeth in md,,and & anned to ttke hard look at these ann see whaa neededdto done" the maayland healtth depaatmenttssys bath ssltss maarlaad. the &psynthetic drugs act usttlike the aacotiicstheyyrrplace ... pike cocaann ... buttare much - more danggrous. law -3 enforcement can't fight them beccuse they are llgall and lawmakers an't ban them fast enough becaase tte makkrr just & alterrthe compound ssightlyyto make itta nee drug. -3 3 n-f-l owwers taae what coull eedinn the lockout. plckouttbut efore fans eliih in a victtry... theepllyers &ppnd approve the proposal.if n agreemeet s reachhd....the
8:07 am
playerr can return tt team -33 prrcttce ffelds tartinn n wednesday... -3 thh leagueeyeaa would begin. p33claappng clapppng an honor foo a city - fiiefighter forra herric & rrscue last spriig that eft him severely njured. jeffrey povack waa honnred thhrssay ddwwtown.he received the higheet national honor ... in 3 community servicc awwrdd. lass aarii... novvck fell from a third fllor winndw... affer in northwess baltimooe.he wws bbck on the job... after nnnne mooths of recovery..- 3&pthissnext story mmght make you -ssy "awww.."a yyung brewers ttssed to himmduriig aa passball game.instead.... pnooher boy catches it..hen thaa oyyrealizee just how -upsettit mmkee tte ooher &phopp... our own kid woull dd. & do.aae yyu kidding me, this
8:08 am
kid's goonn to dootths? oo my poodness... weeve gottto do 3&psooething for ttat kki in the redi can't believe i juss wiitessed that... you young -&pmaa aae a star staras yu can see... young -3 maa arrea sttrr- staras yoo caa see... younn &&pman are a star staras yoo can see... s you can see... the announcers weree impressed.shorrllyafter tths -3 haappned... a reporrer cauuhtt up with hii... toodiscuss wwatt hhppeneed pyouuweee excittd tooget that ball then what happened?umm ii - propped it and felt ppetty ssd. you were saddand then this young mmn, ian, ou got &pthh ball and then you decidedd &pwhat to do wwth ittumm i to do tt giie the ball baak to &pthe little a great tting to do."
8:09 am
thing to do." do."after the interview... the giivn free tickets to ffturee gamess.. a signed bassball at from hhs aaoriie pllyer.... and lots of other reebies. & & coming up... takeea walk on the will side..- side.we take you live to tte -3 marylaad zoo in balttiore... -&pfor a look at some big cats... pann how they're beengghonored. 3 p 3 youure watching fox 45 orning &pnewss. all loccl.. all porring.. 3 ((bump out)))- &&p((break 1))
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8:11 am
8:12 am
3- big cct 3 aaarrness day- maryllnd zzo n baltimorr- meeedith wagoner - joins us live- what is bbg cat 3 enrichmentt--whha caa people expect to see?- whhttbii catss does tte oo have?- why do we -pdy?
8:13 am
"big cat awareness day" is at the maryland oootomorrrw from 111to 1.for mooe information -3& go to foxxaltiimre dottcom slash orning. p,
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3 3 -3 33&pmaa fiber map ,
8:16 am
3 llberty -3 3 coming up... he's become a &pyoutube sensation... sennation...double drraahands johh jacobson... also known as double drramhaadss.. joins uss - live in tudio... juut minutes
8:17 am
-3 from now. & 3but next... weereettlking aboutttte newest trend in ggeetinggcards.... caalee - yakety yykk!! waat ntil you &morning.
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8:19 am
3 3 pust tooogood ánotá to share witt you thii mmrning..--3 mmrning.ww're talkinggaaoutt --3 ""akety yaass... the hugeey &ppopullr caad iinovatton... from "americanngrretings."and
8:20 am
we're sharing ssme with you - thissmorning. 33 let'ss tart wth thissone... 3 "haae a wwopppng good birthday."-play song-& songg,3 "i'm a hamburger, hambbrger, hhmburgeranddtoday is your bbrttday!iim juucy ann deliciousand i ust want o - sayhappyybiithdaa happy 33 3 3 nnxt... ppnk cupcakee--3 insidd... ii aass"treat birthdaa!!let's playyitt.. sing ann ssaae.i'm here tt say if oo eat me,,ou're onna gain weightaaother yeer olderr underwear ccrdd pnside it reads... " ut on
8:21 am
your partt pants and have happy birthday!!let'ssplay it... -3 it..."happy, happy underpants, do the haapy birthday dance ohhhhh, do the hhppy birthday ddnce!""his ne is our 3assistant news diirctor's paaorite!!gain... tthes are & by americanngreetinns.each card costs 6-99. 3coming up... & pt's another scorccer outt there today...aalook aa sooe - ffods you caa eat... to beat the heat. -3 3 doubbe dreamhands 3nats nnts but next... he's got -3&pmeet the man with the ádouble -3ddram handsá...'re
8:22 am
3& ((bbeak 3)) my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwawash in our home. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle.
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3(punnh!.....) -3 p((unch!!...)) 3 you''e llokiin at video oof john jacoossn ... otterwise known as doubll dreaa hands... in the video that madeehhm amous. ffmous.he's beccme a ou tube 3 this ornnng... johh joinssus live in sttdio.good mmrning, ohn! john!-- book out caaled
8:25 am
3"douull ddeams: llving a life of glee, harmony, and ohh -3&pyee....jazzzhandd"... telllus &p---it was a youuttbe viieo...
8:26 am
app & p
8:27 am
coming up in aboutt20 pmnntess.. we're gging o puu oor dance skills tt thhe -33&ptest... aad hit theefloor witt - johnn.--33 3 coming up...
8:28 am
ii could verrywell be... the & wwrrd's longest soul train -&&pline dance. manyypeoole got together... for the vent. you''e watching foo 45 morning. -3 3&p((bbeak 4)) &p3 (((pen)) 3((breaa 44) 33 3 ((bbeak 4))),
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8:30 am
3 -north altimore 33 weehhveea schhol cllsing to ppsssww have a sccool ,3 closinn tt pass along to you dde to the heet.all odd ree - city will be closeddttday.all code green summer prrgrams &pwill opennat thh regularll scceeuled times. 3 &p3 3
8:31 am
33 33& map fiberrmaa - 3 map fibee map
8:32 am
3 p3 -3 33& ap fiber map
8:33 am
3 3 we kkow it's dangerously hot ann drinking loos of ater is greet idea &pyou know there are some áfoodsá thattcan make a big & oday as well? joel d. 3 beeoreeyou even leave thh pd. ggod morning meegn,, (aad -3 lib))e start the dy 3& dehydraaed." exxertss o &ptweeve unces of water, ust to taat hh day. before you pven &p33 to replace that wwter, dietitiann recommend sstokkng 3 which are lmoot all wattr, aad uiie nuttitiouss
8:34 am
8:35 am
3 33 just imagine bbing iiside a insiie the wyman houue... many with mental and physical ddsabilities... that's exaccly pmmny say it's been a problem 3on ddys as hot as today and &pyesterday... it's almost --punbeeraaleeand bbcause work ii -3&pbbing done on the outside of 3 peading to bblcony'' have been sealed shut.. 3pi say about..........its just
8:36 am
3 rraalbaa (21 sec) sec)the building is bbing run &pby tte city'sshhusing &pwas madee aare of the problemm tthrsdayyaffernoon... and crews spent he rss of the 3 family... friends... and teammates are mourrinn he loss of a high sshhol basketball star....whh wws shot and iilee ii south harrell would have ben a - seeior next eaa aa ben prankkinnhhgh schhol.llved houuing developmmnn pednnsday... to ssow off is -&&plattr... he was shottin tte chest nside an aparttmnt on &pherndonncourt.he laaee diid..-p3& (smithhresident) "all i they ttok him out n the -3ssretcher.. hat's it. i feee & sorry ffr tte faaily.." -3&pfamily.."police haae questioned two people in the 3&parrests hhveebeen made yet. &3 terrifying momentt... caughht
8:37 am
3 pn cameraa... when a leopprd poes oo the attack in iidia. - pecause she wasswaadering inna - heevilyypopulated area.buu --3 beeore theyycould get o phr... he became pookedd.. anddmauued six peopleethe & eepard was eeentuaaly killed... sevvral peopll wre -injurrd. it'' not youu typiiaa & accessorr for a crime... 3&pbutt or thessetwo women... it workee.thhy used their &páskiitts... to swipp eepennive bottles f winn frrm a flooidd piquurrstore..heeowner didn't nooice... unnii hh stumbled &pupon the survvillanne alll.. theeup-ssirt videoo & surveillance al... & he uppskirt banddts got away &pwwth roughly 400-dollarsswwrth & offwinn..-33music
8:38 am
3 ttisscould ery well e... the -3&pworll's longest sool raan -3dance liie.soul tain... if you ddnnt remember... was a musical variety t-v show... &pphhttaireddfrrm 11977 to 2006. a otal of 208 dnccrs in tennessee came together... for - the ventt poming up....hees rocked the 3 dance moves... -3 mooes...dooble dreammhands handsjohn jacobson... aasoo &&pknoww ssdouble ddeam hands... phits hh floor....and takes us --3 with himm.taa's minutts fromm now..-
8:39 am
33& youure wwtching fox 45 orninn
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and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card.
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meteorologiss)) 3 pmp fiber map
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3ff mcceerr & it's a story of love aad bbtrayal in the dramm ""-securee.
8:45 am
cordell oore... enise bootte -3 and laamaa uckerrstarred n pmrried"" they & teaa up aaaan or aastory of a wwmaa who tiree of herr 3 eed's up n the arms f her best frieed's fiance. pfancc. 20th -3 cennury fox senttus copies off "n-seccre" to ggve way. paway. yyuuccn wii the movie oo dvd ow if at 410-481-4545.. 3& pomiig up... he's got double dream hands hands 3 john jaaooson hits the dance & loor next... to giie ssaa hhndssyou're watching fox 5 porning. ((breaa 6))
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
33((punch!....)) ((punch!....)))--3 we're bacc with joon -jaccbson... star oo tteehht 3 hhnns."aad we're in forraa treet.john is goinn to teach - exeeutive produccr, kate's birttday... and katteis & hugeá fan..-&p
8:49 am
8:50 am
3 coming up... yoo miggt recognize him from the jammee
8:51 am
&stanningg..ww sst dowwnwith comeeian lavelle rawwordd.. -pto tallkabout his performancee phis baltimoree comedy factory. panddinnour hhmetown - hotspot....we're rllinn wwth to the maaylann oo inn -&pballimore... for aawaakkon the're watching foxx -&ppll morring. 3 ((break 77)
8:52 am
8:53 am
friidy!if you've
8:54 am
yoo.cooedy cure forr e''e got the week...if yoo've hhdda it's funny friiay! it's funny friiay!ii you''e hhdda rrugh work week...we''e you.comedian lavvll ccawford &pjoons us his morning with
8:55 am
prreium blend,,tte jamie ooxx past comic standing.--pprffrrs & phis
8:56 am
3&weekend aatthe baltimore factory
8:57 am
3& por morreinformation on lavelll 3comedd acttry, log on o ffx -3 balttmmre dot com ssash - morning. cooing up on good day - paltimore... ittmay be heree..but nnchile....ii's - pathhr áchilly.áhow uuc snow - 3
8:58 am
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